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It’s finally here!  The craft show of year!  This Friday I will be showcasing all the scarves and hats and cup cozies and coasters (and more!), that I have so lovingly made, at the National Geographic Craft Show.  I’ve been attending this show for years with my husband, helping him sell his beeswax candles.  But this year, I will have my own table along side his, with all my hand-crocheted items.  Everything is tagged and packed ready to go.  Although, you will find me sitting in my favorite chair, every night this week, crocheting just a few more items!


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maya angelou quote

Today is a sad day.  We are saying goodbye to a very profound, to a very loved, to a very  highly thought of, woman – Maya Angelou.  We have been blessed for many years with her wisdom, her words, her inspiration.  May we all remember her with a smile, with a laugh, with an act of kindness.  As she said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Take a moment, and think back to a time when someone hand-made a gift for you. Didn’t you get a warm-fuzzy feeling inside?  I remember receiving a hand crocheted afghan from my Great Aunt Irene, one for each of my boys as they were born.  Many years later, I still remember how I felt when I opened her beautiful gifts and I get the same feeling now every time I pick up one of the afghans.  Love – it’s a tremendous feeling.  

I am so very grateful to still have my Great Aunt Irene, (my Grandmother’s sister), 91 years old this year, as part of my life.  She never fails to make me smile as she calls out my name when she sees me.  It warms my heart. I will never forget how she makes me feel – loved.



Me with my Great Aunt Irene ♥Me and Great Aunt Irene ♥♥♥



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I hope you will take some time to visit my Etsy Shop:  It’s brand new, but I promise to keep adding to it.  Mark it as one of your favorites and return often.  ♥donna

beginners crochet class

Last night I taught my first ‘official’ crochet class.  I’ve taught friends throughout the years, but this was a real class.  Granted, I only had one student, but the one-on-one instruction was good for both of us!  I was so excited to teach.  I had printed materials, balls of yarn, hooks, scissors, everything in place. I was nervous too.  Can I really do this?  But after two hours, she was creating a chain, and learning double-crochet, and working hard on tension and holding the hook and yarn – a lot to manage!  She left in smiles, and looking forward to class #2.  I sent her home with instructions and uttering practice, practice, practice!

If you are local, Woodbridge, Virginia area, I would be so happy to teach you the art of crocheting.  There is such satisfaction in creating something beautiful with your hands.  It is so gratifying.  I’ll post upcoming classes on the website, but feel free to contact me anytime,  I would be happy to set up a one-on-one class instruction for you too!